In the last 7 years, between September 2010 and August 2017, the Denton Youth & Community Project has worked with 6,492 Individuals, delivered 3,470 sessions and generated 41,549 contacts.

One of the project’s main aims is to establish early engagement with individuals and to maintain long-term contact, so that individuals get not only the best possible start in life but also opportunities to remain connected to their communities, and off-set any instances of isolation or loneliness.

To evidence this, we have a retention rate of 33% or 2,164 individuals, who were with us in 2010 and are either still with us today or just about to move on.

A good example of this is our Senior Youth Group who having just completed their GCSEs are moving into further education or employment. Some of that group have been with us for over twelve years, joining as members of the parent & toddlers group and then progressing through our range of services.

Others are the Lunch Club members, some of whom were here at the start, way back in 2000 and are now in their 90s, having also been involved in the Denton Mature Action Group and our Intergenerational Events.